The Art of the Quick Change

Ladies know, mastering the wardrobe quick change is an art form. In order to do it well, you must always be thinking when you’re shopping, “Can I think of at least 3 outfits I can wear this with?” The same basic rules apply when choosing your outfits for photos. In order to quickly change and still have enough variety to your looks, it helps to choose items that you can quickly add a jacket or sweater to and create a completely different look. Take the outfits in today’s round up. The bow blouse is cute and casual with cuffed jeans and flats. Add a cardigan or jacket for something different. Dress it up with a skirt and pumps. Or, get even more comfy and pair the cuffed jeans and a breton stripe top, with or without the cardigan. Flex your wardrobe-stretching muscles and see how good it feels to “make it work.”


Wardrobe change

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